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Hommy Almonte’s WordPress Blog

Hommy Almonte is a Immuno-Oncology Field Sales Trainer at Bristol-Myers Squibb. He has over 10 years of experience working in business who has received an MBA from Cornell University. Visit Hommy’s website to learn more!

Hommy Almonte’s Latest Posts

Episode 13: The Blueprint for Closing Deals is Data-Driven Sales – with Paul Dietz of Chippenhook

Transcript Adam Honig:  Hello and welcome to Make it. Move it. Sell it. On this podcast, I talk with company leaders about how they’re modernizing the business of making, moving, and selling products, and of course, having fun along the way. I’m your host Adam Honig, the CEO of We make amazing AI softwareContinue reading “Episode 13: The Blueprint for Closing Deals is Data-Driven Sales – with Paul Dietz of Chippenhook”

  Spiro.AI Incorporates New AI-Generated Content into Sales Platform to Accelerate Manufacturing Agility Platform Now Leverages OpenAI GTP-3 Technology to Summarize Calls and Draft Recap Emails (Boston, December 5, 2022) Today, Spiro.AI announced it has added more AI-generated content into its customer platform, with even more planned for next year. This AI content generator, coupledContinue reading

6 Ways to Stay Cool Under Pressure in Sales

If you asked a handful of former salespeople why they left the profession, there’s little doubt you’d hear the word “stress” as part of their answer. While there are exceptions, for most people sales is stressful. That stress comes from pressure: pressure to hit your sales quota, pressure from sales managers, pressure from demanding prospects,Continue reading “6 Ways to Stay Cool Under Pressure in Sales”